Client Case Study

Minuteman Parking Company

With more than 500 employees throughout the West Coast, Minuteman Parking Company (MPC) was rapidly exanding and continually adding new locations. The nature of the parking industry also meant that MPC experienced a high employee turnover rate. So it was critical that their payroll consultant fully understand the unique challenges of their business environment and respond immediately to payroll issues as, or even before, they arose.

When MPC’s payroll provider, a large national firm, proved ill-equipped to meet their increased needs, MPC conducted a thorough examination of alternative providers and chose NextPoint Payroll. NextPoint Payroll brought in its local team of accounting and payroll professionals who worked closely with MPC to answer their questions, address and resolve current issues, and develop strategies for future challenges.

The result was a seamless payroll conversion process and a more efficient, responsive and cost-effective payroll operation. In fact, the conversion went so smoothly that none of MPC’s employees were aware the company had moved to a new provider.

“We were amazed at the transition to NextPoint Payroll. Not only did we save money, we now have a payroll provider that can handle the challenges of our business and scale to our growth.” – Chris Fox, MPC Founder and President