Payroll Services

NextPoint Payroll is the centerpiece of our services. We understand the downside of working with national payroll companies. We fully appreciate the frustration of paying a premium price for dialing in to a call center and having to deal with a new service representative each time, or waiting for a call-back that comes too late or not at all. By contrast, NextPoint Payroll offers a level of service and support that can only come from close collaboration and prompt, personal attention.

    NextPoint Payroll is dedicated to helping your business:

  • Reduce its payroll costs
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Ensure payroll accuracy and compliance

Our services include:

  • A dedicated account representative who is an expert in payroll and accounting practices
  • Payroll processes tailored to your company’s specific needs
  • State-of-the-art data systems

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We are committed to delivering premium, personal service at an affordable price. Learn how we helped Minuteman Parking Company solve its payroll problems.

We offer each client a customized portfolio of payroll and human-resources solutions. To guarantee the highest level of technology and efficiency, we’ve partnered with Southland Data Processing.